Thursday, November 26, 2009

Incredible Turkey Day

I have worked in retail for the past year and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly the store can turn from one holiday to the next. Halloween was set up sometime near the end of august, costumes, decorations, and tons of candy were on the shelves and being bought by the time the fall colors arrived on the trees. Our son had his Dash costume for close to two months. Even more amazing is the fact that a week before the kids were going to go trick or treating we had all ready set up three aisles of Christmas decorations. Even the display that holds and plays the Christmas CD's was ready to go.
Amidst all of these changes one holiday is forgotten and seemingly skipped over all together. A day that was set aside to remind us to be thankful for everything we have is sadly forgotten about. That is a little harsh, it is not forgotten, it is just simply not as heavily celebrated as the others. Now I understand that there is not much to decorate for Thanksgiving but come on there has got to be some sort of display that can be put up in the stores that reminds people to be thankful. In retail the focus is not on being thankful but rather how do we prepare for Black Friday, the busiest day of the year. It seems at times that the holiday is Friday and not the day before.
Let us take this time to remember the things that we are most thankful for. For me its easy, I have a wonderful family, a savior that took my punishment for me, and a God who is constantly showing me His love in tangible ways.

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